The Importance of Taking Time Off

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Entrepreneurs are notorious for working all hours of the day—including evenings, weekends, and holidays. And for good reason, because starting, maintaining, and growing a business is no easy feat. But, your health must remain top of mind—no matter how busy your life becomes.   

When your “to-do” list feels never-ending, it’s easy to disregard holidays, like Labor Day. But no matter how busy your schedule may be or how many deadlines you need to hit, it’s important to detach from work, take time off, and relax. After all, taking time off allows your mind & body to refuel, and you will not perform your best without prioritizing your health and wellbeing. 

Below are some easy ways to detach and relax:

  • Take your holidays seriously
  • Commit to time off—turn off your phone and/or mute email notifications 
  • Get in some extra sleep
  • Plan a fun walk, hike, or bike ride with a good friend 
  • Go outside and enjoy nature 
  • Pull out your journal and jot down how you’re doing
  • Practice yoga or meditation
  • Try cooking something new
  • Put together a puzzle 
  • Spend time with family

Whatever you decide to do—do it. And remember, when working in a high pace startup, it’s important to set an example for those around you. If you value hard work and resiliency, others will notice. If you take time to better yourself—like embracing time off—others will notice. We all need to put our mental health first and find time to relax.

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