What Community Means to a Serial Entrepreneur


Leveraging a successful startup is never a one-person job. Entrepreneurs rely on the support of their team, customers, mentors—and community. Although entrepreneurs may be more likely to focus on bootstrapping, searching out co-founders, or raising funds, it is definitely important for them to become fully immersed in their communities. Why, you ask? Well here are 5 reasons why the power of community is essential to any startup’s overall growth.

1. Your community is your network—learn and grow from fellow startups and entrepreneurs. You’ll be able to hear about all of the true insights, successes, and pitfalls of your fellow entrepreneurs.

2. In need of some freelance work or volunteers? Community members close by may be able to offer you an extra hand on projects or events. Don’t be afraid to reach out—your community wants you to succeed just as badly as you do.

3. Celebrate the successes of your community’s startups. Rallying support for your neighbors will show how committed you are to seeing entrepreneurs succeed within your thriving startup community.

4. It can often be difficult to make ends meet for your own startup, but if you find yourself in the position of having some extra cash—why not invest in other startups in your community?

5. Serve your community without being concerned about monetary gain. Communities host charity events all the time. Make an effort to get your team to volunteer at these events. Not only will it be good bonding time for your team, you’ll also get your startup’s name out to more community members.

There are endless opportunities to gain a greater following on the local level before you start tackling a greater national following. And your local community is one of the closest groups of people and businesses to you and your startup so don’t be afraid to use these vital resources.

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