The Social Network for Building a Social Network

I run a couple of Twitter profiles. Who doesn’t? One personal, a business I own, a podcast I co-host – so I am in and out of the platform regularly (but probably not as regularly as I should be). Today I logged in to see that I personally had been added to Yhumans‘ list so I immediately tried to figure out what Yhumans is and this is what I discovered:

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.50.58 PMHave you ever wanted to “meet” interesting people? Like easily connect with people who are influential, making a difference, well known? Well Yhumans is a new platform that is set up to do just that – introduce you to new people every day, virtually. By joining their mailing list, you get an email each morning connecting you to someone new.

The platform contains brief bios of celebrities, influencers and maybe even normal folks like you and me. Each bio page features an image, social network links for the individual or business, and the opportunity to “upvote” the bio you view. I still don’t know what upvoting does, but I clicked on a few people I am familiar with, anyhow.

In order to upvote, I had to create my own profile and add my own social network information. Yhumans gave me a list a mile long of possible social network connection points and filled in the top four plus some website links that I felt were relevant to the bio I wrote.

Tomorrow morning at 8am I am due to be introduced to my first new person out there. I wonder who it will be . . .

My question is this: Do we really need a social media aggregator of social media accounts to connect us to the people we want to be connected with? Is it that Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.57.22 PMhard to find celebrities online to follow on Twitter? Or photographers to follow on Instagram? Am I missing something?

Kuddos to Yhuman for trying to connect people better online – it can seem like a lonely wasteland out there. Maybe I will understand when my profile is the one that gets sent out to email recipients as someone interesting enough to connect with across the interwebs. If I see an uptick in social follows, I will let you all know. Until then, please go upvote me on Yhumans so I can feel like someone else out there is on the network. Or, better yet, just tweet at us and let us know how you feel about the new site. You can catch me at @dlynnwriter and join in the @StarterNoise community. We are all out here . . . waiting to talk to you . . . hello?


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