The Top Entrepreneurs of Africa are all under 23

The world of entrepreneurship seems to be getting younger and younger. Particularly in one area of the world that has most recently seen an immense boom in the tech and startup fields. Africa is now home to some of the youngest entrepreneurs worldwide. Here are some of their stories:

  1. George Mitemahanji, 22, Tanzania. George has been working diligently to solve Tanzania’s energy crisis with his startup SunSweet Solar. The company specializes in building small, locally operated power plants for neighborhoods and small businesses.
  2. Vanessa Zommi, 19, Cameroon. n_153Vanessa started Emerald Moringa Tea in her home country of Cameroon when she was only 17. The tea is very popular in the region and is used as a digestive aid.
  1. Fabrice Alomo, 22, Cameroon. timthumbMyAConnect is the passion project of Fabrice Alomo that helps small businesses reach a wider audience increase overall sales through the internet. The service has a payment service that allows potential customers to buy local goods without a bank account.
  2. Mabel Suglo, 21, Ghana. Ghana’s very own social entrepreneur employs artists and crafts specialists with disabilities to manufacture shoes from recycled materials. Thus creating employment opportunities and providing a market for reusable resources.
  3. Chris Kwekowe, 22, Nigeria. CQF6frWUAAAkPAdChris began his work on Statecube in 2014 as a place that helps students develop skills used in a variety of different industries such as coding and sales training. Kwekowe’s project was one of only 50 startups in the world that got selected to attend the coveted Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at Massachusetts Institute of Technology last year.  
  4. Daniel Mukisa, 21, Uganda. Mukisa co-founded Transporter Corporation– a motorcycle delivery service that provides transportation to countless people in the Kampala region of the country; an area that is known for its’ notoriously high volume of traffic.
  5. Chantal Butare, 21, Rwanda. Back in 2012 Butare launched her Kinazi Dairy Cooperative to aid with providing crucial resources for genocide survivors. Butare’s initiative services over 3,200 people across the country with food, water often times government assisted programs for finances.
  6. Hidaya Ibrahim, 22, Ethiopia. High rates of students dropping out of school before attaining their diplomas and degrees motivated Hidaya to found the Qine Association for Promoting Education Quality back in 2013. QAPEQ provides students with private education and tutoring, educational development tutorials, and grant funding for students planning on attending college.
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