The Truck that Can Swim

Oh, what they can do with vehicles these days.

Videos coming out of Russia show the new Sherp cruising over obstacles, driving on ice and even swimming.  Imagine a truck had sex with an ATV and then gave birth to a more evolved species. The truck-thing is like a tank, but for playing in the outdoors of a cold Russian winter. The interior is designed to hold all your rock climbing, swamp driving friends and it actually looks pretty fun – if you are into that sort of thing.

The Sherp is innovation within a field that already has a lot of attention. Engineering and re-engineering any type of vehicle can lead to an exciting and attention grabbing release. Top Gear, MAXIM Magazine and The Daily Mail from the UK all have covered the new ATV machine. Afterall, it can drive on water.  There is no such thing as too far off the road with what Yahoo! News calls “The Ultimate Amphibious 4×4”.

The price on such a machine? Around $65,000 or so, plus or minus the perks listed on the Russian language website of the company that released the swimming rock climber. Would you spend $65,000 to drive on water? Let us know @StarterNoise using the hashtag #theSHERP



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