These Online Fitness Classes Support Instructors During COVID

Online fitness classes just got even classier.

Having trouble getting motivated during workouts without having your favorite trainer there to kick your butt? Thanks to Soar Studio, now you can stay in shape at home with top-tier workouts that directly support your favorite trainers.

From yoga & HIIT to barre, you can help instructors across the globe earn an income during COVID.

Soar Studio has 3 great benefits:

Donations go directly to trainers.

No one should profit from a pandemic. Trainers take home 100% of profits during COVID.

Expertise for everyone.

From yoga and pilates to plyo and HIIT, trainers from all walks are ready to get you sweating.

Keep your community & routine.

Your health matters now more than ever. Stay on track with a new routine & community.

“Many of the people we love are fitness instructors who have lost their income. We built Soar to make it easier for them to stay afloat,” creator Michael Bask Gill, Head of Growth at Setter, a platform on which experienced Home Managers take care of all customers’ home maintenance and repair needs. “That’s why 100% of all donations & class fees are being passed on to fitness professionals during COVID. We’ve scoured the internet looking for classes from San Francisco to Toronto, Sydney, and London, with the aim of bringing you a huge number of fantastic instructors. When you make a donation, every cent ends up in their bank account.”

Bask is driven to normalize the act of paying fitness professionals for online classes, so, in an effort to do so, Soar has pledged to match the first $1,000 in donations made through Soar.

How does this all work? It’s simpler than you may think. 

You just select a time and day of your desired workout, select the kind of class you’re looking for, and you’re registered! 

After you complete registration, Soar forwards your details to an instructor, who will send you an email with log-in instructions shortly before the class. Soar’s site notes to download Zoom ahead of time.

So, what if your favorite trainer isn’t on the platform? With Soar, they can apply to be an instructor! After answering a few questions, Soar will host and promote your favorite trainer’s online classes. Anyone can promote a class at no cost. 

In this crazy time, I’m all about supporting fitness trainers that are helping me stay fit and sane.

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