This App is Making it Easier to Be a Good Neighbor

As you start to read this article, begin by whistling the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show. (If you don’t know it, you can find it here.) The wholesome goodness of a time when the police could be trusted and neighbors took care of each other may just be coming back.

The new app, Rooster, has launched in cities across California and Oregon. The app connects neighbors to share goods and services with no exchange of money required – just good-old-neighborly hospitality.

There was a time when neighborly relationships were just part of the norm. People stayed in the same 5-square block radius and naturally were part of the community because of familiarity and proximity. With our current, more transient culture, this new app may be the way to connect with like-minded individuals – those that want to know their neighbors and ask to borrow some sugar, and show up when someone needs help with their new landscaping project or painting their fence.

Rooster is trying to connect those people with each other. The app allows people who live near each other to post a need and see what their neighbors need – whether it is something to borrow, time, or even something to share. For example, I could post that I needed a wheelbarrow for my upcoming summer clean-up and you could let me know that yours was free that day, or you could share that you needed a wine night and I could let you know that I am free and love wine. You know, important neighborly things like that.

Rooster has lots of perks if people buy in and start communicating with their neighbors – building community, paying it forward, getting to know new people, even supporting a sharing economy and greener lifestyle. My question is this: Do you already know your neighbors? Would you want to ask them to borrow a tent for your upcoming camping trip or offer them some free furniture via app? Let us know if, and where, you would use Rooster by chatting @StarterNoise using the hashtag #Rooster



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