Time to Reset and Stop Procrastinating

It’s time for you to reset and stop procrastinating.

Working from home has been the norm for many of us the past several months. Although, by and large, remote work offers employees flexibility and freedom, many are struggling with staying on task and falling into a cycle of procrastination.

If you find yourself jumping from project to project and feeling unaccomplished at the end of the day, you may need to take some time to reset and refocus. Below are some quick, easy tips to help ward off distractions and become more productive while working.  

Create a Schedule

Take control of your calendar and make the most of your time. Besides video calls and routine tasks you need to get done throughout the day, block off time for lunch and exercise. You’ll allot yourself personal time where you can unplug from work and take care of yourself. Once your time is up, you can come back to work with a fresh and recharged mindset.

Set Realistic Goals

Be mindful of how much time it will take to accomplish certain tasks, and be forgiving if things take longer. It’s important to set realistic goals for yourself each day, and with each project you are working on. The more in-tune you are with your workload and time needed to get things done, the better off you will be with setting attainable goals. 

Eliminate Distractions

Do you work with the TV on? Do you feel the need to do laundry and dishes in the middle of the day? Are you glued to social media? If so, it’s important to take active steps to eliminate distractions. Many find it helpful to have a dedicated workspace where they can detach from homelife. Tell yourself you won’t be doing any cleaning or chores until the day is done, and consider deleting social media apps off your phone during the workday.  

We are all being pushed to limits never imagined, and it’s important to grant yourself grace as you navigate this challenging time. Create a schedule, set realistic goals, and eliminate distractions. You’ll allow yourself some time to reset and stop the cycle of procrastination—leading you to better work productivity and success. 

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