Top 4 Industries to Check Out in 2018

Feeling a little burnt out at your current job? Ready to try something new but have no idea what to get involved in? Don’t worry, we have all been there. Thanks to some amazing data analysis by 99 designs, we’ve got the top four emerging industries to keep your eyes on in 2018.

It’s probably no surprise that cryptocurrency ranked #1. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple … amongst thousands of other cryptocurrencies are making a big name for themselves. With so much momentum and interest surrounded around blockchain, now is the time to see if you have any interest in getting involved.

Ranking in # 2 is cannabis. Many states are beginning to legalize marijuana, and with legalization comes a new market to grow more business (pun intended). With California jumping on the marijuana train early this year, we can anticipate this industry to grow substantially.

Check out all the rankings below and learn some interesting facts about these 4 up and coming industries.

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Kiki Koebel

Kiki Koebel

Katherine is a newbie to Denver. She recently completed her Masters in Peace and Justice Studies at the University of San Diego. When she isn’t trying to save the world, Katherine is all about trying any and all delicious foods, hitting up the beach but not actually swimming (deathly afraid of sharks), and taking as many hikes as humanly possible.
Kiki Koebel

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