Jot This Down: Top 5 Regrets of Successful Entrepreneurs

If you’re like me then you hate admitting your faults. But often times, acknowledging what we do wrong and what we can do to make a positive change—both now and in the future—is imperative to our personal growth and success. And don’t worry; we are not alone, because believe it or not, top-notch successful entrepreneurs have regrets as well. So here’s a list of the top 5 regrets entrepreneurs are coming clean about.

Now Is The Best Time

It’s easy to think twice about when to launch your great idea, but when finding the perfect time begins to chew away at your expenses, you need to reconsider what your main goal actually is. In fact, if you’re not even a little nervous about launching your product then chances are you’ve perfected it for too long without even testing to see if it is, in fact, perfect.

Time Is Of The Essence

Don’t bury yourself in mindless tasks that take away from the big picture of your business. These minute issues will get cleared up over time and your energy will be better spent if you focus on networking, community engagement, or simply spending time with your loved ones.

You’re Good, But You’re Not That Good

So you’re talented and that’s great, but you can’t rely solely on your talents. There is always room for improvement and even talents that seem “natural” are still in need of some fine-tuning.

Don’t Forget About The Risk

Don’t get swept away in an idea without doing your best to weigh out your costs and benefits. Some risks are okay but super risky business deals should be avoided—or at least thoroughly analyzed.

You’re Not A One Man Show

Although you may like doing everything yourself, because then you have the peace-of-mind knowing it was done correctly—don’t. You need to learn to delegate tasks amongst you and your teammates. In fact, being an excellent leader has little do with how well you can do everything, but actually has more to do with how well you assign tasks so the entire team collaboratively completes the project.

This list clearly isn’t exhaustive and shows how easy it is to make decisions that may not pay off in the end. But the beauty of regrets is that once you have one, you most likely won’t make the same mistake twice. Have any other tips to add to this list? Tweet @StaterNoise using #dontsweattheregrets to tell us all about it!

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