Top Educational Trends for Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

We are faced with an ever growing world. Technology is booming — it’s changing the way we think, socialize, and collaborate. You know what else it’s changing — the way we learn. In order to keep up with the high demands of all this change, aspiring entrepreneurs are being tasked with a multitude of innovative learning styles. So what exactly do these educational trends look like? Here are several of the top trends playing a major role in educating budding entrepreneurs. 

Mobile Learning and Teaching

Have you been in a classroom lately? Nearly every student has a cell phone, tablet, and computer on his or her desk at any given time. Students have mastered being fluent in technology but now they must master how to use it effectively and seamlessly. Long gone are the days when you made a poster board plastered with all your research as a token of your understanding during a presentation. Instead, students are learning which apps, electronic presenting tools, and new sources of media best fit their ability to articulate their research. 

Real-World Problem Solving in Real-Time

Out in the work world, you need to make quick calls on what steps to take next so your team can move forward on projects. Oddly enough, back in the day, schools seemed to think that this skill wasn’t necessary to have until you graduated to a ‘big-boy’ job. But let’s think about it, what better way to prepare young entrepreneurs for failure? In reality, entrepreneurs need to be quick on their feet and able to make educated decisions to keep up with their ever growing and challenging business models. Luckily, innovative classrooms are enabling a new learning style that encourages students to have little to no time to solve a real-world problem and present their thoughts to their peers. By encouraging students to think critically and quickly, they are less likely to ruminate on old ideas and instead, push their minds to cultivate new ideas. 

Move over Boss, This Lecture is on Me

The days of long, drawn out lectures are done (thank goodness). Now, students are encouraged to lead classes, prepare lesson plans, and pitch ideas to their fellow classmates and professors. Entrepreneurs do a whole lot of talking, convincing, and explaining on a regular basis. Being muted for hours on end during a boring lecture can be exhausting for anyone — especially entrepreneurs who have a million ideas running through their head at once. By preparing students to be effective speakers and communicators, they will be far more ready to pitch a business model to interested investors, sell their products to curious customers, or just solve an important problem in a timely manner 

These educational trends are far from ground breaking, but they are moving students in the right direction for success in the business world. Being in-tune with technology, having the ability to solve problems in real-time, and fostering the skills necessary to educate in an effective manner, are all helping prepare today’s entrepreneurs for success tomorrow.

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