Top Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, daily and weekly inspiration can reinforce our drive and ignite our passion for business.

There is nothing more rewarding than gaining knowledge and education from the success and desires of like-minded individuals.

As we start 2015, here’s some podcasts that will educate, entertain and inform business minded entrepreneurs like you, every day!

The Tim Ferris Show:

New York Time’s bestselling author and serial entrepreneur Tim Ferris has a fantastic podcast that is published on his website once a week.

Tim wrote the infamous ‘Four Hour Work Week’ and has gone on to author two more books and has invested in several hugely successful businesses.

With guests such as Tony Robbins and Neil Strauss, there is never a dull moment as Tim dives deep into the minds, rituals and characteristics of some of the world’s greatest thinkers.

The podcast can be downloaded or streamed directly from his website and his mailing list offers unique snippets and freebies from his bestselling books to all budding entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur on Fire:

John Lee Dumas uploads an episode of ‘Entrepreneur on Fire’ every single day of the year. With over 800 episodes and only a handful of repeat interviews, John has catalogued the inspiration and ambition of hundreds of successful entrepreneurs.

This is daily essential listening for any entrepreneur who wants an educational pick me up that will literally ignite the entrepreneurial fire in their belly.

What makes this podcast so fantastic is John’s obvious passion and excitement for business, success and entrepreneurship.

‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with’.

Maybe it’s time you gave yourself half an hour a day to spent time with successful entrepreneurs via this podcast!

Ted.com: Ideas and Innovation:

Ted is a hub for unique ideas and innovation across almost every industry in the world. From science through to marketing, technology and human relationships, there is content to inspire everyone.

Ted invites the smartest thinkers and speakers to talk about their passion and industry on a weekly basis.

If you are looking for some inspirational fodder to get your synapses firing off all cylinders, download a Ted podcast and let the ambition and vision of others enthuse your intellect!

What podcasts do you listen to for business inspiration? Feel free to share with our community!


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