Try Not To Laugh At This Social Distancing Rule

You’ll definitely laugh at this accidental social distancing rule.

We’re constantly being reminded to continue taking social distancing measures. Stay at least 6 feet from other people, wear masks in public places, not touching other people’s balls, etc.

That last one is about tennis balls, but when Nassau County Executive Laura Curran’s mind went right where yours just did when she was discussing reopening the tennis courts in parts of Long Island, New York. She explained, to a giggling crowd, during a press conference that you can’t touch each others’ balls. “You can kick their balls, but you can’t touch them,” Curran said, followed by “I’m gonna blush, sorry.” 

“If you’re playing with someone in your household, you can touch their tennis balls,” she says, trying to keep a straight face and avoid the urge to laugh. 

“To avoid confusion between whose balls are whose, you can use a marker, like a Sharpie, to mark out an X or to put someone’s initials on them,” Curran continued, breaking into quick laughter. 

So, on your list of social distancing rules, go ahead and write down “don’t touch other people’s balls.” 

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