Turn this New App into a ‘Simple Habit’ Everyday

Let’s face it, life is downright stressful. We wake up, run to work, rush to that evening workout class, come home, and crash on our beds … and then we wake up and start the whole cycle all over again. But maybe our days don’t need to be so hectic and routine. In fact, they do not need to be that way at all. Thanks to the clever genius of Yunha Kim, Simple Habit is your daily dose of peaceful meditation.

Yuhna Kim: Founder and CEO of Simple Habit

Founded in the spring of 2016, Simple Habit was inspired by Kim’s stressful lifestyle as a startup founder. After feeling completely bogged down, Kim started meditating and thought it would be awesome to create an app to support all the busy people out there. Basically, Simple Habit is a 5-minute mediation app that you can click into whenever and wherever. The app was designed by over 50 mediation teachers and is ready to help you relax and unwind at the touch of a button.

StarterNoise had the chance to chat with Kim about Simple Habit. We asked her what her favorite kind of meditation was and she said, “I am a high achiever and I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself. The Mindful Relationships series on Simple Habit discusses how to deal with getting hit with the “Second Arrow” feeling and not letting yourself get stressed out to the max. Meditating a few times throughout the day really helps me reduce stress and focus better at work.”

Chances are that meditating would help most of us out if we took the time to download Simple Habit and focus on something other than work. Better yet, Simple Habit is effective, accessible, and rewarding—an easy 5-minute break away from your super busy, hectic schedules.

As a young entrepreneur herself, Kim had some great words to offer up to all you millennial entrepreneurs out there: “Find smart people who care about the product to help you on this journey. The most important thing you can do early on is build a team of people who move fast, work hard, and genuinely care. Your products and ideas will always change, and your early team members will have a huge impact in shaping it.”

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