Can This Wearable Ward off Shark-Attacks?

Wearable tech is getting more and more popular. From watches that sync with phones and fitness bracelets that track your steps to glasses that give you info – the world is at our fingertips and on our bodies. But, how far will it go?

Two California surfers attempted to take wearables to a whole new level when they released Sharkbanz – a watch-like wrist or ankle strap that uses “special patented magnetic technology” to deter sharks.  According to the company, the more people wearing Sharkbanz, the more effective it is at deterring shark attacks in shallow, murky coastal waters.

The video below shows the band in action through a test conducted by Sharkbanz. Take a look.


Sharkbanz has a good motivation for showing that their will work. There have been additional tests done by unaffiliated parties that show it isn’t as effective as what is seen in the promotional video.

The question is, how much responsibility will we put on our wearables? Controlling wild animals is a whole level (or two) above tracking steps. Can tech take us into the deep, or are we asking for trouble by relying on it too much?

I, personally, am not willing to test a Sharkbanz in dangerous waters. Would you place your trust in a wearble? Talk to us @StarterNoise.

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