Ways To Surround Yourself With The Right People

Even if you enjoy an occasional evening to yourself with a large glass of wine (or two!), we are meant to be social creatures. With that said, surrounding yourself with the right people can be a lot more difficult than you think. It is really important that you make an effort to surround yourself with some awesome individuals because your peers and mentors can teach you a lot about yourself and the person you want to become—especially if you are looking to enter the startup world.

The startup world tends to be pretty chaotic, spontaneous, loud, and exhilarating. It takes a special type of personality to handle all the highs and lows that come along with that type of work environment. But if you know you can mesh well with this type of setting than you are already in amazing shape. So surround yourself with the go-getters, innovative minds, and active bodies. Some of the best ideas come from bouncing ideas off of your friends so make sure you feel comfortable being open and vulnerable.

The startup world is a crazy world but extremely rewarding to be a part of. By surrounding yourself with an amazing group of friends, you’ll be gearing yourself up for success. On the flip side, we’ve all been there when Debby Downer walks in and ruins the vibe of the party. So make sure your group lifts your spirits not spirals them down to the pits. Core values are essential when knowing whether you vibe with someone well. Are they optimistic, charismatic, engaging, and funny? These are all positive values that are highly sought after in the job market and should be sought after when considering if someone is a close friend.

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