Wellness Tools Available Right Now

Wellness is a broad term that captures so many elements of good health. If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available online promoting wellness hacks, tips, and tricks, you’re not alone. 

Here at StarterNoise, we are big fans of taking a multi-pronged approach to our wellness needs. To simplify things a little, try thinking how you can best support your five senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Supporting these five senses will set you up with an effective wellness toolkit. 

Check out some of our favorite wellness tools right now.


Feeling tense? We are loving the OPTP Lo Rox Aligned Foam Roller. It’s a great tool to help relieve stress, elongate muscles, tone the body, and give your body some much needed TLC. 


As much as we would all love to have sunny weather every day, that’s simply not our reality. But, even if the weather is a downer, you can create some mood-boosting light inside of your home. Check out Sunrise Sensations’ amazing full-spectrum light-therapy lamps. They allow you to adjust brightness and color so you can find the perfect, sunny mood.  


Throw on your favorite pair of headphones and deep dive into some relaxing tunes. Studies have shown that the right music can help your brain become more attentive. You can experiment with what styles you enjoy most. Not sure what you like? Check out this awesome playlist on Spotify


Roll some organic essential oils to help relax and unwind. Thought Sanctuary has an awesome selection of handmade oils that are treated with mood-supporting crystals. Check out their Self-Love oil that promotes self-compassion and deep gratitude. Made with ylang-ylang, yuzu, and neroli, this will be sure to awaken your sense of smell. 


What better way to start your morning. Try The Fullest’s Warm Feelings™ Sachet. Made with only four ingredients, this saffron latte promotes mood support and is packed with a delicious flavor.

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