What are your Bitcoins Worth?

Have you invested in bitcoin yet? You’re going to need some serious cash because this past week, bitcoin prices soared to over $4,500.

Bitcoin has surely come a long way since it started being traded back in 2012. Did you know bitcoins only went for $0.06? Craziness, I know. The lucky investors who bought four to five years ago are cashing out with some serious change. Take Erik Finman for example. He is a high school drop out who invested in bitcoin back when it was worth $12 — today, he has earned over 1 million dollars from his investments. Check out his TedTalk about his investment in Bitcoin.

Overall, bitcoin’s market capitalization is at an astounding $67 billion. Other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, is priced around $290.

It’s hard to say if this upward spike in price will continue on, but if you’ve bought your bitcoins already or are thinking about it … now’s the time before prices soar even more.

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