What to do in Response to Orlando

The devastating news coming from Orlando turned a normally quiet Sunday morning into a hauntingly horrible historic day in American history. Fifty people were killed at a nightclub by a man who authorities have said was unstable, confused and violent. A man who targeted a gay nightclub for reasons we may never fully understand.

Regardless of your political leanings, most likely you want to DO something, so StarterNoise has put together some ideas. Small things that will likely go a long way, little actions that are more than tweets and temporary Facebook profile pictures.

Donate (Time or Money) to a local LGBTQI+ organization

My hometown has a youth-focused non-profit that is a safe place to gather, to talk, to be accepted, to find support. They focus on education and conversation. For some, they are one of the only safe places in their life. Lots of towns have similar non-profits – ones that could use a little extra love and support right now.

Donate Blood

The line to donate blood in Orlando reached around the block, over a mile long, on Sunday morning. People waited five and six hours to give blood. You can give blood wherever you are and it will be used to help someone.

Educate Yourself

The violence, hatred and bullying that some members of our society still endure is heart-wrenching. Nothing opens your heart like realizing that we, as a society, can love better, stand up for our friends, and protect people who are targeted. Pick up a book and learn about someone you don’t yet understand. Talk about life with someone who is different and experiences life differently.

Send Message of Love and Support

Whether it is to the nightclub in Orlando or a place in your town, show your support by sending a written letter or email. Let them know you are there and appreciate them providing a place of acceptance and freedom.

What else can people do in the wake of this violent act? Tell us what your ideas are @StarterNoise

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