What’s Your Adaptability Quotient?

How can you improve and measure your adaptability?

2020 has turned our ‘normal,’ everyday lives upside down. It seems like every month has presented new challenges forcing all of us to reevaluate and pivot to new norms. Some of us have excelled at the constant change and others have struggled to keep up—regardless, all of us have been forced to adapt quickly and efficiently. 

Natalie Fratto, a venture investor, looks for underestimated startup founders and invests in their ideas. When deciding who she wants to invest in, Fratto looks for adaptability. No matter how intelligent or charismatic a startup founder may be, Fratto wants to see how adaptable to change each person is. 

In her TED Talk, “3 Ways to Measure Adaptability and How to Improve It,” Fratto takes a quick deep dive into what she calls the “adaptability quotient,” which shows how important your response to change can be when it comes to measuring your potential success.

Give your full attention to this quick video and ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do I react to change?
  2. Do I consider myself adaptable?
  3. What are my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to adapting to change?

It’s more important than ever to be open to change and adapt quickly, but be patient with yourself—2020 has been no easy feat. Hone-in on your reaction to change and find ways to pivot to new solutions.  Fine-tune your adaptability.

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