What’s Your Brand?

Morgan Spurlock's TED Talk

Has anyone ever asked you, “what’s your brand?” Whether the answer is yes or no, take a 30 seconds and think about it. What defines you? What makes you unique? What makes you standout?

It’s a question that marketers ask themselves every single day when they are branding a product. What defines this product? What makes it unique? What makes it standout?

I’m sure most of us have heard of Morgan Spurlock. Remember that documentary…Super Size Me… the film made you hate McDonalds? (Or least avoid it for 24 hours until the cravings kicked in again?) Spurlock is known for taking controversial topics and exposing them to his viewers. That’s his brand: exposing the unpleasant, disturbing, and controversial to others.  

It’s no surprise that his brand shines bright when he gives one hell of a TED Talk “The Greatest TED Talk Ever Sold.” Check out his take on branding and the influence major marketing plays on our spending habits.


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