What’s your #startup playlist look like?

Let’s be honest, if you work for a startup you’ve been up past midnight working on that damn pitch deck, proposal, or whatever it is you procrastinated on earlier in the day. (Don’t lie, I know you have been there) So besides the second or third caffeinated drink you’re sipping on, what keeps you going?

Personally, I think that mindset is everything for entrepreneurs and startup offices, so today, I wanna share my favorite mindset correction device: a Spotify playlist. Whether I’m working on a marketing campaign or finalizing an article, background music is something I love to have on!

I think we all have songs that pump us up mentally, or cheer us on when we need it.  A good playlist is the quickest way for me to go from slacking off to chewing up my competition!  For entrepreneurs and startups, I think it’s important to have YOUR amp-up songs organized into a great playlist so you can just push PLAY anytime you need to get your head in the game.

Here is a one of my current playlists that gets me fired up when I have a ton of work piled on me. Share your playlists with us @StarterNoise using hashtag #MyStartupPlaylist.

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