Get Motivated, Again

This time of year we hear lots about motivation. Goals and resolutions are every where and the momentum is moving forward for many. But, what do you do when you just aren’t motivated? You don’t care anymore? You don’t feel like working on anything? You are just plain unmotivated?

Take a break.

Whether you are able to step away for an hour, or a day, or a weekend, take a mental break. Walk away from where you should be and what you should be doing. Just stop thinking about it and give yourself a break.


Put the phone down, disable alerts, eliminate connection. The constant distractions can draw us away from inspiration and time to be creative. Instead of being glued to your phone, tablet or laptop, leave them behind for some time without distraction and see if your mind wonders back to inspiring things.

Think Bigger.

Being unmotivated might be a sign that you don’t feel challenged anymore. Try to dream beyond what you currently see. It might take your business further or in another direction, it might take you out of your current role and into a new one, but dream towards inspiration.

Change Course.

If you are bored, who else is bored? Does your service or product need something new? Does your messaging need something new? Is there an angle you have been ignoring that will reignite your passion? Take the road less travelled, even if it is just the road you, personally, haven’t been traveling.

Get Logical.

Sit down and plan. Look at what you have going, what plates are in the air, put some definition around them and see what needs to be done. Complete the easiest projects and start checking the easiest things off your list of to-dos. Schedule out time to bask in creativity and set new goals and milestones.


Still not feeling motivated after you have take a break, brainstormed, revamped, set goals and gotten logical? Repeat. Take another break, disconnect a second time and allow creativity time to fester in your life. See where the second round takes you. New direction? An unexpected conversation that you would have been too busy to have, normally? Something in the clouds that you saw because your phone wasn’t chirping? Motivation is there, you just have to create space to rediscover it.


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