Who are the Top Fashion Bloggers of 2014?

Fashion is about more than just looking good. It’s a way to express and celebrate your individuality, experiment with different colors and shapes, and collaborate with a community of peers who love dressing well and feeling unique. And like everything else in modern life, fashion has become more accessible than ever thanks to the advent of social media and blogs.

We can’t get enough of these seven bloggers, who do everything from document their emerging fashion startups to open up their daily style ensembles to global feedback. They’re witty, pretty, and opinionated, and best of all, they don’t just follow the trends. Find out how today’s top fashion bloggers are turning heads and opening minds in looks that are all their own.

 Tavi Gevinson, Rookie

The blog: www.rookiemag.com
The fashion focus: Her own eclectic aesthetics, inspired by everything from The Virgin Suicides to feminist icons like riot grrrls
The location: Oak Park, Ill.

Tavi Gevinson’s rapid-tracked fashion career started at the ripe age of 11, when she started her personal style blog The Style Rookie. The teen prodigy laid the accomplished groundwork for hundreds of fashion startups and thousands of burgeoning bloggers, and she hasn’t even graduated from high school yet. We love the surprising maturity of Tavi’s insights, which have led to body-positive collaborations with everyone from Taylor Swift to Lena Dunham. Tavi reminds us that “young” and “stupid” don’t have to go hand-in-hand, and that you can establish a unique and successful fashion brand without compromising your own values or setting the wrong example for impressionable girls.

 Rumi Neely, Fashion Toast

The blog: www.fashiontoast.com
The fashion focus: Haute couture looks for every setting, from deserts and beaches to runways and red carpets
The location: Hollywood & Southern California in general
Rumi is another self-made blogger who buys (or makes) and models the clothes in her own wardrobe. She started with basement selfies, but as her online profile rose, she eventually enlisted the help of her boyfriend and friends, and eventually an assistant, who take the almost-daily images that look more like magazine editorials than amateur snapshots. It’s not just the backdrops that set them apart, but the fireworks, music festivals, boardwalks and beaches don’t hurt. Rumi makes every setting look glamorous, inspiring us with her effortlessly chic sensibility and her uncanny ability to reinvent clothes by simply mixing and matching.

 Meagan, Latter Style

The blog: www.latterstyle.com
The fashion focus: Ethereal and vintage collections
The location: Chicago, Ill.

Meagan’s blog is about as basic as it gets. We like how easy it is to forget that we’re not just browsing our well-curated Tumblr feed; Meagan’s posts are simple but intimate, and her photos are gorgeous. She incorporates her feminism and personal life into the fashion she recommends, which makes her accessible to those of us who never find ourselves dressing for royal balls or Milan runways. For example, she recently got engaged and has been combing local antique stores for vintage rings that will complement her new diamond band.

 Emily Shuman, Cupcakes and Cashmere

The blog: www.cupcakesandcashmere.com
The fashion focus: Everyday, seasonal casual wear
The location: Los Angeles

Cupcakes and Cashmere is actually a spin-off of Emily’s successful lifestyle blog, but it’s the fashion blog we didn’t know we’ve been waiting for all along. Unlike the other bloggers on our list, Shuman, a former intern for Teen Vogue, is clear about the fact that she focuses on mainstream trends. Cosmetics and accessories, such as sunglasses and eye shadow palettes, are heavily incorporated into the everyday ensembles she models. She even offers convenient gift guides, in case any of her looks remind you of a special woman in your life.

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