Why Every Business Owner Should be Paying Attention to Amy Schumer


Before you think she is just another female comedian out there to make people laugh, take note. Amy Schumer is not only shining in her spotlight, she is changing things – big things – especially when it comes to women, double standards, and the messages that are out there. Why should business owners pay attention? Because she is changing the way one particular demographic looks at themselves and the way they receive your sales pitch.

Women spend nearly 60% of online retail dollars, make 80% of healthcare decisions and purchase nearly half of all electronics. According to Time Magazine, “In 47 of the 50 largest U.S. metro areas, single, childless women in their 20s make more money than their male peers.” Basically, there is buying power here and that buying power isn’t going to respond to half naked women on vintage mustangs, isn’t going for the same sex appeal marketing that their boyfriends or husbands respond to, and is getting less and less influenced by bullshit. Amy Schumer is telling it like it is, and if you aren’t listening to what she is saying you are probably missing out on understanding your audience.

In the last few years we have all seen the shift in buying power, who controls the money in the household, and what people spend their money on. That shift is only going to continue. Just as we have gone from promoting cigarettes to trying to get people to quit, the messages out there will be moving from promoting products with lines like “Tide’s Got What Women Want” to actually appealing to a woman’s sense of independence, intelligence and self-awareness.

Want to know what that looks like? Check out the appearance that Schumer has on Ellen and don’t be blinded by the sarcasm. Messages on age, beauty, body image, perfection, appropriateness, and acceptance are all present. Women are getting tied of the double standard and business owners will need to adjust their messaging to respond to the change.

If you are a business owner, have you shifted your messaging to respond to empowered women? Do you think that it is important to be on the cutting edge or wait for the tipping point? Let us know what you think by responding to @StarterNoise using #GirlPower

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