Why Hasn't This Happened Before? Hyper-local Fashion Collaborations

Fashion start-ups have been disrupting the marketplace in recent years. Changing the way clothes are bought, sold and delivered, they are making high fashion more accessible, local fashion more trendy, and breaking a lot of barriers that used to define the industry. Now, a company in Colorado is also changing the way fashion is designed and produced by partnering with a local university – giving their newest fashion line a local edge and deepening their relationship with their community.

Whorl is a small boutique in Denver, Colorado that has contributed to the fashion shift that brings design down from the elite and into the local scene. They have recently partnered with the Rocky Mountain Institute of Art and Design and several Colorado State University apparel and merchandising alumni to bring forth a private label collection called Imprints by Whorl.

Fashion companies have partnered with universities before for design contests and even education, but the Whorl partnership illustrates a new step in the evolution of collaborative partnerships. The entire line of Imprints by Whorl will be available for the season at the boutique and that effectively paves the way for more lines of high quality, hyper-local apparel to start gracing racks across the country. Boutiques partnering with local universities have the opportunity to give local buyers exactly what they want – versus what is trendy across the country or popular in different cultures, climates and locations.

Imagine being able to buy clothes that are beautiful and perfectly suited to where you live. That’s part of what is possible with collaborative fashion partnerships between locals.

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