The Wild Side of Female Fashion

I am going to admit something I don’t tell many folks (so, clearly, it belongs on the internet . . . ), I want to be able to wear bowties. Better yet, I want bowties to be part of women’s fashion. And suspenders. And skinny ties. I want to wake up in the morning and decide between a pencil skirt and a skinny tie and never have to reach into my man’s closet.

Apparently, I am not alone because badass women have collaborated to create Wildfang – a clothing company all about stealing men’s style. Well, they call it liberating men’s style – freeing up the things that have been relegated to men for far too long. I am on board. There needs to be more freedom in fashion.

Wildfang is a clothing company with a Tomboy attitude and a Feminist mind. It takes what a lot of us are thinking and puts it on t-shirts and tote bags. It cuts a suit jacket for a female body and adds a print that leaves you guessing. It is about more then clothes, it is about a women’s manifesto.

It’s badass and I want more of it.

Wildfang leaves me thinking about my own style and how to break it out of it’s culturally-prescribed confinement. With companies breaking free of the mold, we are bound to see more innovation in the fashion market. From more realistic models to increased diversity, from better standards to more freedom – the fashion world is ripe for change and ripe for improvement.

What fashion item would you liberate? Where do you see the industry breaking out of the mold? Let us know at @StarterNoise 

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