Working Multiple Jobs? See Why The ‘Gig Economy’ Is Here To Stay

Many people work small jobs on the side to get ahead on their finances and pay off their debt. But juggling a few gigs is no longer considered ‘side-work.’ Instead, this multiple-job lifestyle is becoming the new norm all across the country—and here’s why.

No longer do people pursue a career at one company for their entire working career. We’ve been told for years now that this type of work is a dying breed and the future holds multiple careers at various companies. But even this latest concept seems antiquated. Nowadays people are working multiple jobs to the point where they collectively round up full-time hours between all their gigs.

So why is this the case? Well for starters, we live in an age of entrepreneurial fervor. People no longer hide behind big businesses as diligent worker bees. Instead, when given the right tools, anyone can start a business and make it to the top. Obviously quite a bit of hard work, investment, and collaboration is involved, but nonetheless, it’s possible for anyone to launch their own business. People are now inspired to use their own abilities and talents to create valuable and accessible products to consumers.

Secondly, because startups are popping up everywhere these days, more and more people, also known as freelancers, are needed to do small, yet essential, jobs. Usually these jobs are contracted for a set amount of time and can be done remotely at the freelancer’s discretion. Working as a freelancer is giving people the opportunity to work several jobs at once, while also giving them flexible and convenient schedules.

As with many things in life, there are some drawbacks to the multiple-job lifestyle— especially for those who are not trained in business, marketing, or digital design. Nonetheless, the future landscape of available jobs is shifting dramatically and we should embrace this change by becoming more informed about entrepreneurial tools and skills.

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