Would You Pay for a Campus Life “Consultant”?

Three Emory freshmen are on a mission to change admissions. No they aren’t making it any easier for you to get into college, they’re making it easier to figure out which college you want to go to… which makes you wonder if they regret their choice.

man-1191845_640The concept is simple. Hire a consultant for $19.99 and you’ve got yourself a 30-minute Skype interview with a bonafide expert/college student at your school of choice.

Calling their company Campus Owl, the three Emory business school students are working to take their business “to the next level”. Most likely this will include growing the number of their campus consultants greatly. Their schools number at 15 currently with choices from the classic Ivy league to the well-known public institution.

It will be interesting to see how well Campus Owl will be able to differentiate itself from a standard college visit. Besides, saving money on travel, how does Campus Owl differ from just going to campus and asking current students. Perhaps the introverted and unsure high school student would benefit most from consulting a number of students from the schools of their choice.

architecture-1122359_640There haven’t been too many startups innovating the admissions process. Potentially, Campus Owl could spark more. The set-up seems relatively simple with a straight-forward concept and structure. I’m sure many of us can remember the fear and uncertainty of choosing and getting into a college. It begs the question, how else can we transform the process of getting into the perfect school? I have a feeling that Campus Owl is just the beginning of startups founded by college students solving college admissions problems.

Will Campus Owl stand the test of time? Or is this just a temporary school project? I’ll be interested to see. In the meantime, tweet @StarterNoise using #futurecampusconsultant if you think you have what it takes to mentor a doubtful high school protégé.


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