Young and Successful? How to be a Millennial #Boss

Let’s face it; the workforce has changed quite a bit in recent years. Long gone are the days when we held the same position for decades; instead, we shift around and diversify ourselves as much as possible. No longer does the saying go, “with age comes wisdom,” because today millennials hold some pretty amazing jobs as leading executives.

How exactly do you tackle being young and successful, yet the boss of people who may see your age as a sign of ignorance. Well here are some helpful tips to keep you employee of the month, all 12 months of the year.

First and foremost, be on time. Being punctual is critical when setting a professional standard in the office. How can you expect your employees to take you seriously if they think you don’t take their time seriously as well?

Second, be open to the opinions and suggestions of everyone. No matter how ludicrous someone’s idea may sound, give it a shot and listen up. Negating communication will only create hostility.

Third, who’s in charge? You. Always remember that you are responsible for leading your team to success. Don’t let yourself be walked over; instead, be open to suggestions and criticism but hold a firm grasp on what you believe is best.

Lastly, make sure your team is happy. People work much better and are far more productive when they know that their work is being appreciated. If someone isn’t happy, sit down, talk, and try to work out the issue. Don’t be afraid to search out advice if you’re ever confused or unsure of how to handle a situation. Chances are, someone else has gone through something similar and could offer you some great words of wisdom.

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