YouTube Passes on Celebrating 2020

This year has been … challenging. 

From the Australian wildfires, death of Kobe Bryant, Covid-19 pandemic, canceling of pretty much everything, racial injustice, to the 2020 Presidential Election … and who knows what else the rest of December will bring—2020 has been rough. 

Since 2010, YouTube has been releasing Rewind videos that rehash the past year in all its glory and shame. But, “2020 has been different,” YouTube said in a statement. “It doesn’t feel right to carry on as if it weren’t. So, we’re taking a break from Rewind this year.” 

YouTube went on to say, “we know that so much of the good that did happen in 2020 was created by all of you. You’ve found ways to lift people up, help them cope, and make them laugh. You made a hard year genuinely better. Thank you for making a difference.”

I think we can all appreciate YouTube’s move to cancel its Rewind video this year. Who really wants to relive 2020? 

In case you missed it and need some nostalgia, here is 2019’s video.

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