7 Tips For Self-Care Every Day This Week

Self-care, something that is way too easy to put on the backburner. We so easily forget that the little things add up. When we do simple things to be better for ourselves, we are better from everyone else in our lives. Self-care can be as simple as not looking at your phone upon waking or as large as finally booking that deep-tissue massage you’ve been dreaming about.

When we begin to implement little things in our lives that become habits or simply enhance our mood, we open the world of possibilities for more good to come to us.  Start with something each day that feels attainable to add into your daily routine. We are going to share some of our favorites to implement during the week, so follow along and see what sparks your attention!


I love going to the Farmers Market each Sunday to buy myself flowers. Something that only costs $10-20 and fills my kitchen with a lovely aroma and bright colors that lift my mood throughout the week. If you are not into flowers, maybe try checking out your local farmers market or buying yourself that overpriced latte you love.


The first day of the week for most, which is why it is so important to set the right tone. Forever my favorite way to start the day is with a fresh cup of coffee and gratitude. Try to not look at your phone first thing and keep your mind clear. Make yourself a nice warm coffee, lemon water, or whatever you fancy. Sit down and write a list of 10 things you are grateful for. This is an amazing way to reflect or manifest. 


I love to implement self-care in ways that actually make my life more enjoyable, which is why I love to listen to a good podcast on the way to work. Instead of mindlessly listening to the same songs on the radio, try putting on a podcast or audiobook (we have a list of recommendations in this article)! I love listening to a good podcast that inspires me for the day ahead or just simply makes me laugh and raises my energy.  


Halfway through the week and maybe it already feels like a long one. One of my favorite ways to wind down after a long day is by taking a eucalyptus steam shower before bed. So easy and effective, simply buy a bundle of eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s, hang it above your shower head and voilà! The fresh eucalyptus always calms and clarifies my mind and prepares me for a night of deep sleep.


Thursday’s self-care tip? Get moving and try out a new class! Start your day or take a lunch break to try out that class you’ve been eyeballing. From Pilates to spin, go and try something new, it may just end up being just what you needed. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet someone new!  Alternatively, with COVID-19, fitness classes have become more and more available. Check out some IG-TV videos for a new class, or try streaming a workout online.  Hint: We love Melissa Wood Health!


FRI-YAY! Celebrate the weekend by treating yourself to a fresh mani for the weekend. Better yet, enjoy a 30-minute foot-reflexology session.  Neither require much time and are affordable ways to treat yourself after the week. OR maybe you’ve had a considerably long week, consider sitting down to meditate/reconnect to yourself. Simply focusing on your breathing can help you enter the parasympathetic and find some calm.


Saturday always feels like a breath of fresh air, which is why I love to get out in nature and hike. Think about going on a hike or a walk in the woods. Taking time away from all the chaos and grounding yourself in nature may be just what you needed. I also love to cook a lovely dinner on Saturdays for myself or a group of friends. Don’t be afraid to try out cooking something new, you may just impress yourself, not to mention that cooking can be very meditative. Hint: Check out @halfbakedharvest or @minimalistbaker for great recipes.

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