Check Out How this Startup is taking the Gig Economy to the Next Level

In the past, many people have done freelance work to help make a few extra bucks. But more and more people are becoming full-time freelancers from the comfort of their own homes. However, the concept of freelancing is being disrupted by a new startup focused on connecting freelancers with up-and-coming startups. GigRove is an online platform that allows startups to get help with projects in their own homes (not the freelancers’). Basically, startup hosts who need help with projects are able to invite freelancers to their homes and collaborate together on a project for free. And as a freelancer you have the flexibility to go and travel to new and exciting places and get a free place to stay. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

The StarterNoise team had a chance to chat with Marko Islamovich, the Founder and CEO of GigRove, about some of the awesome work they are doing. We asked Marko what startups gain from having a freelancer working directly inside of their homes. He explained, “working remotely is great for established products and teams, however, startups without funding, revenue, and product consequently lack human capital—and by being able to offer accommodation to freelancers, startup hosts can get the help needed with a particular project.” On the flip side, Marko explained, “freelancers are able to experience the world and belong anywhere. There’s also something about having a work experience in another country, city, and community—it often brings out the best within us. It challenges us to go and explore ourselves further. It’s a very nice feeling of belonging and having a purpose somewhere else.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting the travel itch to go out and explore the world. And while I’m at it—thanks to GigRove—I’ll get some real-world experience as a freelancer. It’s definitely a win-win situation. So when you think GigRove think achievement, appreciation, and diversity.

The startup is expanding and hoping to make some large strides in the future. Marko said, “for the future our goal is to focus on growth and same as now, to help accelerate talents. We want to reach out to as many people as possible and offer them an alternative to developing themselves and their careers. We are constantly analyzing how we can improve GigRove, so there could be some changes in the future.” The StarterNoise team definitely can’t wait to see where this startup goes.

And just for kicks and giggles, we wanted to know what song GigRove would pick for a theme song. The team over at GigRove agreed that not one song but an entire album best fit their startup—Odeza-In Return. Nice pick, GigRove!

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