CRYPTO, KITING, and KUNG FU: What TenX is Doing that could Change Everything

If you haven’t heard of crypto currency, the blockchain, or even bitcoin or ethereum, it’s time to do some homework.  Everything we know about how we exchange value on this planet could be revolutionized before most of us even know what these terms mean.

Being around exceptional founders can be invigorating.  Interviewing them the night before their token sale is electrifying.  So when interviewing, TenX, arguably one of cryptocurrencies most promising startups, the night before their token sale, all of a sudden Bitcoins, Kitesurfing, and Bruce Lee don’t seem all that different. Trailblazers, web 3.0 pioneers, innovators – these are just a few words to describe the interview with TenX co-founder Julian Hosp — just hours before the launch of the their token sale.

StarterNoise co-founder, Sarah Koebel and contributing author, Derek Rundell interviewed Julian Hosp on Friday, June 23rd 2017.

Cryptocurrency, for those of you who haven’t done your homework yet, is basically digital money.  TenX solves everyone’s cryptocurrency problem by letting us actually spend the currency (without most of the hassles). Want to go buy that cup of coffee, new bike, or purchase tickets to that next concert—they have you covered.

Over the past few months we’ve seen a number of TenX videos, read up on articles, and became familiar with Julian and the other badass team members.  Yet, we were still totally blown away and extremely impressed when interviewing him.  His passion, knowledge and vision for this space and what TenX is doing is infectious.

Formally trained as a Medical Doctor, he entered the crypto scene after a patient told him about bitcoin and how it was going to disrupt they way we exchange currency. Intrigued by the conversion—Julian jumped into the space full speed ahead.

After researching the market, Julian and his co-founders saw problems within the financial eco system and decided that providing the solutions could be a huge opportunity—so they formed TenX. Providing the ability to easily pay for things using crypto currency is a tremendous opportunity for TenX.  Equally important is the ability to provide services to the underserved and unbanked, which is not only a great market opportunity but also personally rewarding.

“Be As Water My Friend”—yes, Julian did indeed quote Bruce Lee (huge fan), and what a great way to answer our question as to how we should react to all the changes in blockchain technology. Because, let’s be honest—all of the new data, information, white papers, youtube tutorials, let alone the ramifications of what is and might be happening—is a little overwhelming.

And this is where my (Derek’s) fanboy crush became obvious—not only did Julian quote Bruce Lee, but he told me he was a pro kitesurfer.  Very cool.

As for TenX, is this going to be the largest token sale this month? This year? Ever? How much will they raise? How will it be adopted on a global level?

As I discussed with Julian, he stated that, although it’s pretty amazing to have the opportunity to raise money, TenX’s goal is to be an example for other Token Sales through success, security, and transparency.


Clearly this startup is ready to take on the great unknown and is encouraging everyone to learn from them and continue to evolve and improve the success of this eco system.

Several things are certain. First, we are entering a time where new business models fueled by great visionaries and new technologies are revolutionizing almost every facet of life on earth. Second, the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and digital assets have the potential to revolutionize almost everything.  Third, spending time with people trying to change the world in a positive manner is truly inspiring.

The Takeaway

We are very excited for the TenX team and everything they have worked so hard for.  It’s almost time for their Token Sale to begin. We can’t wait to see how the next 24 hours (and beyond) work out for this talented, passionate, and cutting-edge team. We’ll follow up and update this article as their journey continues!  Tell us your thoughts and tweet to @starternoise, use hashtag #cryptotrailbalzers!

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