Founder Stories: Mystery Vibe is Elevating Sexual Wellness by Merging Science, Pleasure, and Health

MysteryVibe is the company behind the most versatile sexual wellness product that exists on the market today, the Crescendo.  The Crescendo device mimics the human finger and can be used to relieve period pain, help tend to pelvic pain, penetration disorder, and has prostate stimulation to reduce chances of prostate cancer.  The Crescendo delivers vibrations wherever you need, has multiple joints, and bends in every direction.

If you still aren’t impressed, the Crescendo is an FDA registered medical device proven to help women suffering from genito-pelvic pain disorder.  In a recent study, MysteryVibe found that medically-designed vibrators can be highly effective for period pain, by proving the theory that delivering vibrations accurately and precisely leads to better blood circulation, which can lead to better pain relief. 

On a mission to find solutions for pelvic pain, penetration disorder, vaginismus, as well as be a product used for pleasure, MysteryVibe seeks to find tangible solutions to end the way many suffer in silence.  Co-Founder Soumyadip Rakshit and I got to chatting about a big challenge in sexual health … going to the doctor.  Soum shared that “less than one in four go to the doctor. People who experience pain often suffer in silence or result toGoogle.  They feel too shy or ashamed to go see a healthcare professional.”  

For period pain, the Crescendo is simply put at a curve externally below the belly button and used with a gentle vibration.  This vibration alleviates debilitating period pain many women experience.  Such a simple solution with no side effects that is accessible and low cost.  MysteryVibe also offers other products such as the Tenuto for longer and stronger erections and the Thor Prostate Massager.  You can browse all of their products here.

MysteryVibe has raised $7 million dollars in funding from over 90 angel investors around the world from the UK, Asia, Japan, and further.  his was no easy feat since MysteryVibe was early to the sexual wellness market in 2014.  The founders realized that venture capitalists were unlikely to invest in MysteryVibe due to vice clauses.  The founders made a decision to travel around the world attending various conferences, pitching wherever they could, talking to people, and they eventually secured their 90 Angels.  “We probably met 500-600 people during that time to secure those 90 investments,” shared Soum.

I loved what Soum had to say about the SexTech space, “everyone is so collaborative and wants to help each other out.  It is a big blue ocean.  There is so much to explore in the human body and so much to still address.  Everyone can join and become a unicorn in this space.”  So if you’ve got a SexTech pro cut in mind or have interest, consider this your sign to hop on the bandwagon.

Beyond inspired by MysteryVibes dedication to merge science, health, and pleasure, as well as their incredible funding story, I had to ask Soum for a piece of personal advice.  Soum shared, “when I get this question, I always remember the advice I got when I started my career, always be kind.  You don’t know what the other person is going through.  It is very generic advice, but I think it applies to everything.  It applies to how you build your brand. It applies to how you respond to your customers. I think it’s one of those things that transcend personal and business.”

I cannot wait to see what other incredible products MysteryVibe will create to tackle problems so many face.  It is fascinating to see the side of the sexual wellness space that is connecting important medical research to SexTech and creating tangible, affordable, and healthy solutions.  Be sure to check out MysteryVibe while they are still offering 30% off sitewide!  Let us know your thoughts @StarterNoise.

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