Optimize Your Workday with these Time Saving Hacks


Nowadays, companies rely heavily on their employees to use technology to get work done. In fact, most of us spend our entire workday glued to our computers and cellphones.

Technology obviously has some incredible benefits and has simplified & streamlined many work projects. However, many of us struggle to stay on track with the multitude of distractions our computers and cellphones offer … like social media, email, the news, online shopping, etc. 

Here are some easy hacks you can implement to better manage your time during the workday. 

Get in the Zone

Before you jump into a work task, be sure to get your environment setup for success. Give yourself a clean, clutter-free desk or table with a comfortable chair or stand pad. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea; turn on some relaxing music or a white noise machine; or activate do-not-disturb on your cellphone. Give yourself the time and resources to focus and hone-in on creating a positive working environment. 

Eliminate Common Distractions

Think about your workspace and the technology you use to do your job. Ask yourself, “What causes me to get distracted?” Perhaps you have the tendency to click into social media. One quick scroll can seem innocent, but oftentimes, a “quick” look can turn into 15 … 30 … 45 minutes of wasted time. Instead of falling into the trap of common distractions, stop yourself before you reach for your phone and center your mind on the job task at hand. 

Time Yourself

One, quick and easy way to better utilize your time while working is to schedule out projects on your calendar. Don’t just block off time for meetings. Instead, get in the habit of calendaring time for weekly job tasks like organizing your inbox, lunch breaks, and project planning. 

What do you do to better manage your time during the workday and avoid common distractions? Let us know @StarterNoise

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