Founder Stories: Healthy Lube from Down Under

Female sexual wellness is becoming a global movement and despite Australia being in their fifth covid lockdown, LBDO is making sure women can still find pleasure in any circumstance.  

We were thrilled to interview LBDO founder Rachel Baker and discover how female sexual wellness is a topic flourishing in countries beyond the United States.

From leaving her full time job at L’Oreal and bootstrapping her own startup, Rachel has seamlessly created LBDO.  LBDO is a company that offers sexual wellness products for women with a goal to empower females, create a community, and ensure women have the tools and knowledge to take control of their self pleasure.  

Pursue your pleasure at your leisure…

“Just before Covid hit I was planning to move overseas, but when the pandemic hit, I stayed in Australia and made the leap to launch LBDO,” explained Rachel.  She saw the opportunity to positively impact women’s lives, “there was a gap in the market, it felt outdated, I wanted a product that spoke to me, that was female-founded and that was timeless.”  LBDO began addressing sex, intimacy, culture and health.  Encouraging women to explore their pleasure and do so with confidence and knowledge.

Breaking taboos and stigmas with a REAL product…

The Australian market is much less regulated than the US market.  While the US has a lack of regulation on beauty and wellness products by the FDA, Australia has the TGA which essentially has no regulations.  With the goal to bring a holistic sexual wellness product to women, Rachel is one of the first Australian made companies to make a non-toxic water based lubricant.  One of the ingredients we loved was the  Plum Extract which is Native to Australia and one of the highest plants in antioxidants and Vitamin C.  p.s. Did you know that it has one of the highest source of Vitamin C?  It is also beneficial for your skin and the hair.

A mission to create an aesthetically and anatomically effective product…

Rachel had a unique vision to create a vibrator that resembled a work of art.  Inspired by artists, she hand drew and eventually 3D  printed products to test. Yes, you read that right – she 3D printed her prototype and we love it!  “Products that can be treated as art help in normalizing the conversation.”  This entire process was bootstrapped by Rachel.  

“Not many companies want to take the time and work for a startup in its early stages,’ Rachel shared. It was a difficult process to bring LBDO together and create the final products.  But now, Rachel has officially received funding and brought on three investors/mentors, and we cannot wait to see how LBDO expands.

Tackling a real issue, advice that helped her push through the challenges…

“Remember why you started.  Everything goes wrong, shipments get delayed, retailers cancel, and so on.  The most important thing is to remember why you started and continually go back to that.”  – Rachel Baker

LBDO is a fantastic company working to break down taboo subjects, and we love that it is more than just a product.  Ultimately, LBDO is a safe space — a community you can feel included by and can learn from, and a wider brand experience that’s as pleasurable as its products.  

From guided self pleasure, to products, to a community, LBDO is worth exploring either on your own or with a partner. Use code StarterNosie15 for 15% off your purchase towards self-pleasure 🙂 

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