Glossier Alum Launched Ghia, A Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

Summer is here and so is Ghia.

Drinking has started to evolve- partly in thanks to the growing wellness industry. 

Mocktails are everywhere – Sunchaser is bringing a trendy alcohol-free buzz to our summer, Loverboy’s zero-sugar, low-ABV sparkling hard tea can be seen in the hands of many summer sippers, and more alcohol companies are starting to offer zero-alcohol beer and trendy mocktail mixers.

Glossier alum Melanie Masarin decided that drinking wasn’t for her a few years ago. But she didn’t want that to stop her from participating in the activities alcohol usually surrounded, like engaging in meaningful conversation, feeling a culinary connection from drink to food, and, really most social gatherings. 

It was when Masarin was on a trip to Milan last year with friends that she began to think of ways to bring more intention to drinking, similar to the intention and enjoyment of a good meal. When she looked around, she saw her friends with Aperol Spritzes in hand, and she wanted to find a way to bring the same element of intimacy and fellowship– sans alcohol. 

That’s when Ghia was born. 

Inspired by the low-ABV aperitifs that Masarin’s grandmother served during summers by the Mediterranean Sea, Ghia is an alcohol-free option for any of those not drinking– whether they’re non-drinkers, mothers-to-be, or simply someone that just doesn’t want another cocktail. 

It’s ingredients? Orange peel, elderflower, yuzu, ginger, rosemary, and lemon balm – which is distinctly important. Masarin says that “the plant is native to the Mediterranean and works as a natural mood-enhancer to help allay temporary stress.”

How can Ghia be enjoyed? On its own on the rocks, or simply combined with ingredients of your choice. 

For those looking to shake things up, Masarin ensured that each Ghia bottle came with a recipe book to give Ghia-drinkers creative ideas and options to sip the aperitif. 

And as of June 16, you can order it online. Spending time in New York? Get Ghia at King’s new spritz window in Soho.

Looking for a chic mocktail to sip this summer? Give Ghia a try.

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